What We Do

Every week a support group of teen parents meet. In this support group they receive love and care from mentors who are invested in creating a safe environment for them to grow and flourish. Childcare and food are both provided free!


Who Is New Hope For?

Teen Parents ages 19 and under and their children


When Do We Meet?

Weekly – Tuesday Evenings: 7:00pm – 8:30pm at the YFC Activity Centre


Who Do I Contact?

Deb Richards (Director) Phone: 204-669-4205 ext 219 E-mail: deb@yfcwinnipeg.ca


What We Offer

* Regular group meetings and one-on-one mentorship
* Workshops on positive parenting, budgeting, nutrition, health, etc.
* Healthy meals and snacks
* Encouragement and ongoing support from staff, mentors and other mothers
* Child-centred activities that enhance child-development
* Activities for parents and children to interact
* Counseling service referrals
* Career guidance
* Referrals to community resources
* Address the social, physical, emotional and spiritual needs of young parents and their families.


Would you benefit from coming to New Hope?

Are you interested in having support for yourself and child? Wanting to find support in a loving, non-judgmental environment? Looking to learn life skills that will benefit yourself and your child? Need help in finding resources? Wanting to know that you always have people you can talk with and find support? Then New Hope is the program for you!




The last thing you need is a “if only you would have” lecture. What you need is some practical, loving support to help you take care of this new life.
Come to New Hope for a safe, non-judgmental place to receive care.