Our Mission

Our mission is to surround teen moms and their children with all they need to reach their full potential.


Our Vision

Our vision is to embody the love of Jesus by surrounding teen moms and their children with all they need to transform their lives.


Why We Exist

We think teen moms represent a unique opportunity to bring lasting change… to the life of a teen mom, to the life of her children and to her future generations… economically, socially and spiritually.

When we see a teen mom, we do not see hopelessness. We see a woman motivated to provide a bright future for her child. We see determination and courage in the midst of overwhelming circumstances. We see the potential for a stronger family to create a stronger community.

The New Hope Teen Parent program transforms the lives of teen moms by empowering teen moms to craft a better future in a supportive, professional environment. Through our neighborhood support groups, we provide the encouragement, guidance and skills young moms need to remain in school, and/or secure quality employment and achieve a lifetime of personal success.

We see their hope and potential. New Hope. Loads of Potential.


Deb Richards – New Hope Director

Deb Richards joins YFC as the Director of New Hope, YFC’s Teen Parents program. She comes to us bearing the experience of many years of volunteer leadership of teen moms programs in her local church, combined with a dozen years of volunteering with the Crisis Pregnancy Centre in various roles. Her heart has always been toward young moms who need support, love and encouragement to flourish. Her passion is to walk alongside them and cheer them on, encouraging them with parenting education, mentor relationships, and the love of Christ. Knowing that God lavishes his love on her, she is convinced God’s heart is turned directly to these young moms and their babies, and wants them to know their Creator in a growing relationship.




There are more than 60,000 young people in Winnipeg and surrounding area. Some own everything. Others steal to survive. Some have the best education. Others are not able to read. Their future is our passion!

We believe every young person needs:
• Encouragement to nurture a healthy, vibrant, grace-based spirituality
• Ongoing relationships with caring adults
• Safe places with structured activities during non-school hours
• To be equipped with marketable skills
• Opportunities to give back through community service

For over 60 years, YFC has been a leader of innovation and excellence in positive youth development. As a Christian non-profit charity, YFC exists to help young people attain their full life potential. YFC is not a church, but we do work with churches, government, schools and other youth serving agencies to meet the needs of teenagers.

Our passion is to combine healthy relationships with creative programs to help young people make good choices and establish a solid foundation for life.